Interview with BE YOUR OWN sat down with Vicky for a short Interview about her song ‘Ghost’ and her plans after Cobra Starship. BeYourOwn: Hey VickyT can tell us, what is Ghost about? Vicky: “Ghost” stemmed from returning to London for the first since dating someone that lived there. The relationship had ended quite […]

New song coming next week!

Vicky announced via a muted video on her social media that a new song is coming next week! She added the hashtag ‘Touch’ to it, will the new song be called ‘Touch’? New song is coming next week to assist in avoiding all the noise you DON'T wanna hear. #Touch […]

Vicky sends an emotional message

I learned of the death of an old friend today. He took his own life. So many stories of suicide lately. So many people suffering and not getting the support and understanding they need. I've suffered depression on and off my whole life and combat it in all the ways […]

RIP George Romero

Vicky – a horror movie fanatic – tweeted about the american-canadian filmmaker George Romero, who died yesterday at the age of 77. Romero is often called the “father of zombie movies”, because he filmed “Night of the Living Dead” in 1968 and has other great Zombie movies in his filmography. […]

Vicky shares awesome Fan Art

Vicky is currently in a studio in Amsterdam (Netherlands) recording new songs and she just shared this amazing Fan Art like Image Video for her song ‘Ghost’ on Instagram. Check it out below. All I see is your #ghost – full song link in profile! ⚡️ Ein Beitrag geteilt von […]