"Love you for this!" - Vicky-T June 19, 2017

Meet Vicky’s parents

Vicky’s parents Peter Asher (of Peter & Gordon and longtime producer of James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, the Beatles and many more) and Wendy Asher (an art collector and philanthropist) talked about their daughter Vicky in a recent Interview with Tidal. Check it out below:

Can you describe Vicky’s upbringing? When you found out you were having a child, what was important to you to impart to her?

Peter Asher: I suppose what we wanted to impart to her were traditional values. The most basic being nice to people, being honest and faithful — all of that kind of stuff, all the basic stuff that one likes people to be. I don’t think music specifically came into it and indeed, initially the talents she demonstrated were artistic and more film- and TV-related. In terms of what we wanted to impart, I think humanity.

Were there any particular books or songs that you shared with her pretty early on? Or any artists?

Wendy Asher: I think, obviously, she listened to the Beatles when she was three years old. She watched A Hard Day’s Night and those movies. She watched foreign films with subtitles.

Peter: In terms of books, like any parent, I brought her up on my favorites. Alice in Wonderland, I’m fanatic about. So she read those very early on. Oscar Wilde’s short stories. So it was a mixed bag of what her parents liked.

Wendy: She was into Goosebumps, too.
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Vicky’s dog Gizmo is turning 14 years today

If you follow Vicky since her Cobra Starship days, you are very familiar with her dog Gizmo. This little guy is celebrating his 14th birthday today. Happy birthday Gizmo.

Vicky at the McCoy and Meyer’s Halloween Party

Vicky attended the McCoy and Meyer’s Halloween Party on October 30 in Pasadena, CA. I’ve added two Pictures to the Gallery.

Gallery Link:
(+004) PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2017 > McCoy and Meyer’s Halloween Party – October 30

New song “Another Word For Paradise”

Sorry for not posting this earlier, I was on vacation. Anyway, check out Vickys awesome new song ‘Another Word For Paradise’. Vicky told altpress.com: “This track was written this summer in the U.K. with some extremely talented people: Lawrie Martin and producer duo, Knoxa. The session was effortless, just seemed to flow organically. The song grew from the retelling of an incident on the tube: A woman was trying to solve a crossword puzzle and asked out loud, “What’s another word for paradise?” With that in mind, we just riffed and created this song.”

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