New song “Another Word For Paradise”

Sorry for not posting this earlier, I was on vacation. Anyway, check out Vickys awesome new song ‘Another Word For Paradise’. Vicky told “This track was written this summer in the U.K. with some extremely talented people: Lawrie Martin and producer duo, Knoxa. The session was effortless, just seemed to flow organically. The song grew from the retelling of an incident on the tube: A woman was trying to solve a crossword puzzle and asked out loud, “What’s another word for paradise?” With that in mind, we just riffed and created this song.”

Vicky shares message about bullying along her Throwback Thursday

Vicky shared this ‘Throwback Thursday’ on her Instagram yesterday and left a message against bullying, writing “(…) I was the “weird” … the “too tall” … the “awkward goth” … made fun of & told in school I’d never get anywhere. Even once I was in a successful pop band I was labeled a “bitch” or “slut” – had I let that shit get to me, I never would’ve moved forward. Ignore whatever negatives people title you with bc it never ends – ignore what people say you can and cannot do because most all of it is possible if you got the drive and passion. Love y’all – stay weird & go find your magic! Xxxx”.

Vicky always talked about being a victim of bullying almost all of her life. Luckily she found a way to deal with them. Check out her Instagram post below: