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Vicky talks about being a woman on Warped Tour

The New York Times recently released an article and talked to different Woman on Warped Tour. Of course they had to include Vicky, who toured Warped Tour with Cobra Starship in 2008.

What was your daily lived experience of being a woman on Warped Tour like?
VICTORIA ASHER, 32, OF COBRA STARSHIP: I definitely loved the power I had of being one of the few girls on tour. You would be allowed to cut in front of the long food lines and nobody had a problem with it.

– FYI: I’m on vacation for two weeks, will be back in July.

Vicky is ready for new music

Vicky posted a Photo from a new music video of her new song and added “New music…cumming soon….“. On her Instagram Story she asked if her Fans are ready for new music and 93% (as I create this post) voted ‘Yes’. Yes Vicky we ARE ready for new music!

Vicky gets a Tattoo of Gizmo

SHE DID IT! Vicky got her first Tattoo yesterday and she let us watch it live on Instagram! She got a Tattoo of her 14-year-old dog Gizmo on her right forearm and it looks cute! I’ve took some Screenshots of the Video and uploaded it to the Gallery.

Gallery Link:
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