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Vickys Tattoo artist passes away

Vicky got her first tattoo (a picture of her dog Gizmo) in May this year (check the post here), she now has posted on her Instagram story that the tattoo artist Isaiah “Boo Boo” Negrete, who did the tattoo, passed away. She wrote “Such incredibly sad news. @booboonegrete who gave me my first tattoo was a really beautiful soul and so kind to me. So glad I got to meet him several times. My heart goes out to every @shamrocksocialclub. Rest in Peace Isaiah.

August 23, 2018 jessy News

Vickys new Tattoo

Sorry for the delay. After getting her (meanwhile late) dog Gizmo as Gizmo as Tattoo back in May this year, Vicky got a new Tattoo and it’s a tiny ghost on her arm. As she shared on her latest Instagram story, her mom doesn’t really approve the Tattoo, telling Vicky that Tattoos are “unattractive”. I really like her simple Tattoo, do you?