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Get ready for some new music

Vicky announced on her Instagram that she will release “Kryptonite” on January 18. Finally we will hear the song, which was suppose to be released in July this year!

Vicky got a new Tattoo

Oops she did it again! Vicky got another Tattoo. I love it, it’s simple, but super stunning.

September 27, 2018 jessy News Tags:

Vicky, when do we get new music?

Vicky asked her Fans to send in some questions on Instagram and one Fan asked “When we getting new music?” and Vicky answered “Good question. I want to say any week now… I’m in the middle of a few negotiations but dying to release as soon as I’m able to!”

September 20, 2018 jessy News Tags:

R.I.P. Mac Miller

The Rapper Mac Miller has passed away at the age of 26. Mac was featured on “Middle Finger”, a song released in 2011 on the Cobra Starship album ‘Night Shades’ and as single in 2012. Cobra Starship is Vickys former band. Vicky posted an Instagram Story with a screen shot of the TMZ headline about Mac Miller and wrote “Was a nice dude and even sang on our album. What awful news too many people dying so young.”

September 8, 2018 jessy News Tags: