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Vicky sends an emotional message

I learned of the death of an old friend today. He took his own life. So many stories of suicide lately. So many people suffering and not getting the support and understanding they need. I've suffered depression on and off my whole life and combat it in all the ways I can. I do my best to seek out the light when I feel stuck in the dark. Those of you having a hard time – know that you are not alone. Know that the loneliness and the pain does pass. Find the things that drag you out of that hole and do them. Reach out when you need the help. Don't feel ashamed that you're hurting no matter what anyone else around you might say. You are wanted. You are loved. There is a reason for you to stick around. – – – – Remind the people you care about that you love them. You never know when a person can be there one day and gone the next. Keep your head up. #depression #awareness

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New hairstyle

Oh la la, Vicky is currently in London and shared on Instagram that she went to a hairstylist, where she got dyed hair underneath her long bob. I think it looks beautiful.