Published by jessy Published on January 7, 2018

Yes, after a week of being off of Social Media, Vicky is back on Instagram, Twitter and Co. And she teased us with an Instagram of her in the studio. Is it a new song? Can’t wait to find it out 🙂

Hi … I can wait to release new music…

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Published by jessy Published on December 2, 2017

If you like the cover, you can download it right here!

Happy December!!!! Free gift for you – my cover of #LastChristmas – download link in bio! Xxxx????

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Published by jessy Published on November 7, 2017

Sorry for not posting this earlier, I was on vacation. Anyway, check out Vickys awesome new song ‘Another Word For Paradise’. Vicky told “This track was written this summer in the U.K. with some extremely talented people: Lawrie Martin and producer duo, Knoxa. The session was effortless, just seemed to flow organically. The song grew from the retelling of an incident on the tube: A woman was trying to solve a crossword puzzle and asked out loud, “What’s another word for paradise?” With that in mind, we just riffed and created this song.”

Published by jessy Published on October 20, 2017

Vicky announced on her Instagram that she will release a new song next Friday (10/27) called “Another Word For Paradise”. I can’t wait to hear it, I’m on vacation the next two weeks, but I hope I can get Internet access, to post about it.

Another Word For Paradise. ?10/27 ?

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