Vicky shares message about bullying along her Throwback Thursday

Vicky shared this ‘Throwback Thursday’ on her Instagram yesterday and left a message against bullying, writing “(…) I was the “weird” … the “too tall” … the “awkward goth” … made fun of & told in school I’d never get anywhere. Even once I was in a successful pop band I was labeled a “bitch” or “slut” – had I let that shit get to me, I never would’ve moved forward. Ignore whatever negatives people title you with bc it never ends – ignore what people say you can and cannot do because most all of it is possible if you got the drive and passion. Love y’all – stay weird & go find your magic! Xxxx”.

Vicky always talked about being a victim of bullying almost all of her life. Luckily she found a way to deal with them. Check out her Instagram post below: